My public projects (with sources, GPL 3)

Barcode printing application

Here is a little application I wrote to print bar codes with our laser printer. I created it because, well, we did not want to pay 250 euros for an Argox barcode printer. It works perfectly on normal 12 sticker paper. Bar code font is coming from IDAutomation.

You can get font usage examples from IDAutomation Web Site. Everything else is extremely easy.

Click to get Barcode printing application.

Comments are, as always, welcome.

Welcome Screen

If you are working with a technical service company, its crucial to advertise your work. Remember Welcome screen on Windows 98?

Today I have added a new project of mine, which launches on every start, showing accomplished tasks at your customer’s PC, and the services your company offer.

It has these features:

* Automatic startup (customizable)
* Auto resolution change to 1024×768
* Plays any Wav file while showing screen.
* For slow machines, NoAlpha support.
* PSD file for background is included.

Usage: Create a Data.gbi file at the program folder. Fill it with the tasks accomplished at customer’s pc. Then run the Welcome application. It will automatically copy itself to System32 folder, with Data.gbi and Welcome.wav files.

If customer’s pc is slow, create a NoAlpha.gbi file at System32 folder. Application will skip AlphaBlend effect at startup.

Click here to grab it.


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