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Google: An evil company.

Google. Once was a company with good intentions. Now it is everywhere, and it is doing everything to gain more money. It’s selling its users’ information, it forces its users to use his products, it runs and updates its software without showing any information on its users’ pc.

It started as a simple search engine, now it is a data warehouse which knows everything about us. It has so much information about us, that it started to become frightening. From now on, I will not use any Google service, and most of the reasons relate to privacy concerns of its users.

My personal reasons for not using Google products are:

1. Google Chrome: This was a good browser. But starting almosf 1.5  years ago,  it became a malware. Google decided to AUTOMATICALLY INSTALL GOOGLE UPDATE with every Google Chrome browser setup. There is not a simple way to remove the update system, nor disable it (for a regular user). It became a regular bloatware which we swear about regularly.

2. Google Toolbar: It comes bundled with most freeware, making them one of the quality adware. Yes, there is an easy uninstallation method for it (Add/Remove Programs), but most of my customers did not know where it came from, or how it is installed in the first place.

3. Google.com: It keeps asking to set it as default search engine (the blue bar on the top), and there is no way to set it off. People are complaining about it since 1 year, and as alwyas, Google had just ignored them.

4. Google became another Microsoft. Why we were mad at Microsoft? Because it wanted to control everything. It violated user rights in the past. It brought competetion to every field they wanted, and bought the rivals. Now Google is doing the same in every field. Browsers, Social Networking, Cellular Phones, Communication, Data Marketing and much more.

I for one, welcome our new evil overlords.

  1. Raj A.
    September 11, 2012 at 9:43 pm

    Hi ! I thoroughly AGREE with you ! I used google.com as my search engine for years ! but chrome reputed to be fast,
    and has many nice features, really BECAME BLOATWARE ! It updates itself all the time ! and as you noted, there is no easy way to disable it, even though i barred google update program using a firewall rule, to not be allowed to access internet. but after some time, the software chrome, does unexpected crashes, if you continue on this mode, esp. on flash sites. to solve it, you need to allow updates again ! the bloatware goes on and on until chrome reached 150MB !!!!!!!! why this is as bad as the microsoft products which i hated earlier ! Raj Goldwin, Madras city, India.

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