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Goodbye NOD32, Welcome BitDefender.

For years, I’ve been trusting, using and recommending NOD32 to my customers, and everyone around me. But today, it failed to clean Sality.NAY (Sality.AX for BitDefender) virus. Core system components are infected, so I was unable to delete them. It all begin with flash memory virus detection problems, and it still fails to detect these.

I hvae installed BitDefender, and it did clean every instance of Sality instantly.

I’m leaving NOD32, and will start using BitDefender after now. It has a free version, and I’ll install it to my customers’ computers.

Thank you ESET, for leaving me in the dust. I won’t recommend any of your products after now. If you are into serious IT business, do not recommend it to your customers. You’ll regret it.

  1. koala12
    March 26, 2010 at 8:30 pm

    sality is really trouble. my -nod32 working- windows infected 4-5 months ago. full scan didnt find any virus. i installed kaspersky, it find the virus and said it cleaned. but nothing changed. so finally i’ve tryed bitdefender and problem solved.

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