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Creating a PostgreSQL Database with TUniScript

Amazing, just amazing. Some software and some developers can not be praised enough. I’m talking about PostgreSQL Database Server, and its excellent features, and its price.

I newly started using PostgreSQL, and believe me, it is one of the most advanced database server in the world.

Combined with a form of fusion (Universal Database Access Components – UniDAC), the Delphi coders found all the energy the would ever need.

I’m to explain how to create a PostgreSQL Database with TUniScript component. I am unable to find a real world example when I first started using UniDAC components.

So here we go. Drop TUniConnection, TPostgreSQLUniProvider and TUniScript components to a form.

Set TUniConnection’s properties, but leave the Database property blank. Set UniScript’s NoPreconnect property to True, and paste this into the SQL property of UniScript component.

CREATE DATABASE "mydatabase"
WITH OWNER = postgres

Because we didn’t specify a database while setting properties of UniConnection component, we should set it in our code after our database is created:

Sleep(5000); // Delay for database creation
UniConnection1.Database := 'mydatabase';

I have added another TUniScript component for adding tables, and it includes table creation data and referential integrity information. After database is created, I’m calling it to create tables:


And that’s it. We have created a PostgreSQL with Delphi and created tables at runtime. UniDAC is an extremely powerful native component set for Delphi.

A must for a serious programmer.

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