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What happen? Linux set us up the bomb.

The FUD machine raises its voice again. CNN Money has unveiled a new article about Linux and patents, and the evil empire. Open source community has formed a new site for this kind of FUD, but Microsoft never replied. FUD might be more powerful in the past, but not anymore.

According to article, Linux is violating more than 200 Microsoft patents, and this is the reason of open source software is high quality like this. We’ve heard Microsoft complains about patents infringement before, but it seems that this time, they will demand loyalty fees from everyone, including users. For the people who lives outside of USA, these cases don’t mean anything, as patent system is different in all other countries.

Microsoft is desperate now. They are losing huge amounts of sales all around the world. China is thinking to switch Linux. Japan are thinking of switching to Linux, because of vendor lock-in. Dell will ship preinstalled Linux on their machines. Most of the hardware comes with Linux support, or supported by Linux itself. There are lots of companies who considers Linux as a deployment option on their laptops. Linux is even being teached at the universities.

Sometimes people ask: “What if Microsoft starts suing companies for patent and IP (Intellectual Property) cases?”

Short answer: It will start a patent war.

Every company, especially IBM, has a patent portfolio. This will start a patent war against Microsoft, and the results can not be foreseen. There are huge companies which support and deploy Linux and Open Source solutions, like IBM, Novell, HP, Dell, Sun. These companies have lots of patents in their portfolio.

It will be really fun to watch and see what happens.

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