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Amd will open source its Ati drivers?

According to this article, Amd will open source its drivers. It is good news for people still using Ati chipset on their display adapter.

Ati was always behind of Nvidia under Linux. The quality of Ati drivers was (and still is) worse. Thanks to stable open source drivers provided by community, we can use our Ati cards under Linux at least as stable. This can’t change everything in the Nvidia & Ati competetion, but can lead to a really good result: Choice.

Until now, people had to use Nvidia for Aiglx. Open sourcing Ati drivers will allow us:

  • To use that eye candy with Aiglx, without messing with XGL.
  • The community will add features that won’t be available at Nvidia drivers, which is closed source.
  • Nvidia will be the one who plays catch-up with Ati drivers under Linux, because community will be adding functions to it.
  • As a best supported display adapter under Linux, AMD will profit from it.

Now, I hope at least this time Ati won’t lie to us. If you make geek community upset, you’ll be more upset in return, as these people are the ones who – mostly – build, recommend, install computer systems.

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