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Why I hate Microsoft, Take One

Short answer: Because they are evil.

Let me explain it a bit further.

Microsoft gave computer world too many good things, I admit that. They pushed hardware with every new version of their bloated software. Without them, we would be still paying thousands of dollars to computer manufacturers and software solutions. Now look at the situation, we have started to pay these thousands of dollars to Microsoft itself. Thanks to Microsoft, It is now possible to buy a PC which is cheaper than an operating system, as in before.

They always provided crap-ware, and marketed their products, and everything else is rubbish compared to their products. Just look at history for their “Microsoft sponsored studies” which compares other products with their own. Microsoft does not provide a “Microsoft sponsored study” unless the product which they are comparing to is clearly superior to their product. They hide every feature which is superior to their product, and they provide only good sides of their products. Also, they have used, using, and will use FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) to break competition with other companies. Recent cases around OSS and Linux proves this nicely.

Hardware vendors were the main reason for Windows to thrive this much. Microsoft paid lots of money to hardware and PC vendors for a “Windows compatible” logo on their hardware. But the case is reversed now. Microsoft wants money for their logo, and their WHQL (Windows Hardware Quality Labs) logo for software which ships with it.

Some vendors indicate this on their driver page:

“Microsoft demands money for WHQL license, thus, we’re providing these drivers without WHQL. Because these drivers are not signed by Microsoft, you’ll get a warning when installing. Please skip this warning to continue installation.”

Microsoft used its dominant position for their country’s intelligence. Most of you may remember Microsoft apologizing because of a thief code in Office 95. Recent studies uncovered that, every Windows version has a back door created by NSA, which allows access to any Windows machine, if Windows version is greater than Windows 95 (First Edition – OSR1). When asked, Microsoft said “Access key is stored at Microsoft, in an extremely secure place”. However, for some strange reason of fate, this does not concern most of Windows users. Most of them says “What will they steal, the poems I wrote?”. Unfortunately, this case is more than that. If the computer running Windows is a development platform, they will have access to billions of ideas and source code. And guess what, Microsoft steals every idea they haven’t invented, patents them as their property, and using these patents to make more money. Think about military and government computers. You’ll get the big picture.

Perhaps these are not the all of the reasons, but I think it shows the general picture, and why I hate Microsoft. Please use any OSS (Open source software) or Macintosh where possible.

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